Assurance Services

The keystone of E.C. Ortiz & Co. LLP’s assurance service offering is Audit.  The firm’s core audit services consist of financial audit, internal audit, single audit (in accordance with OMB Circular A-133), and compliance examination.

Accounting Services

E.C. Ortiz & Co., LLP helps their clients achieve their financial goals through accounting services.  It also provides its clients with the software, training and recording function necessary to generate periodic financial reports pertaining to their business.  The firm assists its clients to establish the accounting and administrative controls necessary to protect its assets and ensure that transactions are completely and properly documented.  The firm offers accounting services both at its office location or at the clients’ business locations.  The firm offers accounting services to entities in various industries – retail, home health care, dental and medical practices, real estate leasing, travel agencies, non-profit institutions, property management, manufacturing, universities and State agencies. The firm’s accounting staff is knowledgeable on Quickbooks and Peachtree accounting packages. The firm specializes in assisting small business owners and start-up businesses in their accounting and financial planning needs.

Tax Services

E. C. Ortiz & Co., LLP assists clients to comply promptly with State and federal reporting requirements.  In addition, it aids its clients to prepare and file income tax returns, employee benefit plan tax returns and year-end financial reports as required by the State and federal governments.  Professional staff also responds to its client’s queries on tax matters and other related concerns. The firm offers assistance in responding to IRS tax notices and IRS audits.

Other Services

E. C. Ortiz & Co., LLP also provides Sarbanes Oxley Review, Agreed-Upon Procedures, Financial Planning, Management Consulting, SAS 70 Audits, Billings and Claims Follow-Up, Post Payment Audits and Re-Audits of Long Term Care Facilities,
Long Term Care - Asset Discovery Investigations, Peer Review, etc.

The firm also performs reviews of policies and procedures, assist in enterprise risk planning activities, evaluation of financial and accounting processes as it relates to the client’s business objectives and risks.